Yu-Shuen Wang (王昱舜) is an associate professor of the Department of Computer Science at National Chiao-Tung University. He received his PhD degree from Visual System Laboratory, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, ROC, in 2010. Currently, he leads the Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab at the Institute of Multimedia Engineering. Prof. Wang's research interests include Computer Graphics, Image Manipulation, Map Design, Data Visualization, Human Computer Interface and Virtual Reality. He received the Wu Da-Yu Memorial Award and NCTU EECS Outstanding Young Scholar Award in 2016. Please refer to his CV for more details.


Adversarial Colorization of Icons based on Structure and Color Conditions
BasketballGAN: Generating Basketball Play Simulation through Sketching
iTour: Making Tourist Maps GPS-Enabled
iVRNote: Design, Creation and Evaluation of an Interactive Note-Taking Interface for Study and Reflection in VR Learning Environments


連云喧 Sophia Lien
賴建勳 Jain-Xun Lai
廖哲優 Zhe-Yo Liao
陳威廷 Wei-Ting Chen
林榆軒 Yu-Hsuan Lin
楊淯茗 Yu-Ming Yang
江家銘 Chia-Ming Chiang
石鉑埕 Po-Cheng Shih
周冠伶 Kuan-Lin Chou
李元魁 Yuan-Kui Li
陳詠俞 Yung-Yu Chen
鍾日超 Jih-Chao Chung


賴文澤 Wen-Ze Lai
鄭文皓 Wen-Hao Zheng
鍾智涵 Chih-Han Chung
陳定邦 Ding-Bang Chen
陳傑宇 Chieh-Yu Chen
陳理琦 Li-Chi Chen
鄭立欣 Li-Hsing Zheng
徐麒軒 Chi-Hsuang Hsu
孫采荷 Tsai-Ho Sun
楊信之 Hsin-Chih Yang
謝盺穎 Hsin-Ying Hsieh
蘇容德 Rung-De Su
陳奕廷 Yi-Ting Chen
郭曜禎 Yao-Zhen Kuo
許智翔 Chih-Hsiang Hsu
董艾鈴 Ai-Ling Tung
羅睿 Jui Lo
陳庭威 Ting-Wei Chen
官彥廷 Yen-Ting Kuan
陳科仲 Ke-Jung Chen
陳潔馨 Chieh-Hsin Chen
鄭為之 Wei-Chih Cheng
張紀秋 Chi-Chiou Chang
吳俊弘 Jiun-Hung Wu
熊星皓 Hsing-Hao Hsiung
謝政佑 Cheng-You Hsieh
顧嘉倫 Chia-Lun Ku
彭惋榆 Wan-Yu Peng
溫培志 Pei-Chih Wen
邱昱誠 Yu-cheng Chiu
盧威利 Wei-Li Lu