Compiler Design
Spring 2018


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Class time: 2EF5B (Tue. 13:20-15:10 and Fri. 9:00-9:50)
Class location: EC114


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Prof. Yi-Ping You     By appointment EC708


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陳博聖 pschen [at] 54745 EC618
蘇意喬 ycsu [at] 54745 EC618
洪語聰 ychong [at] 54745 EC618

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This course is intended to explore the principal ideas and techniques of compiler construction. Topics include lexical analysis, syntax analysis including LL and LR parsers, type checking, run-time environments, symbol tables, code generation, and compiler-construction tools.

This course aims to give you a solid foundation in the theory of compiler construction as well as the experience of building a compiler. Much of what you have learned about algorithms and data structures will come to bear as you study and implement the various components of a compiler. In a sense, compiler construction is a showcase for many other disciplines of computer science.


  1. To learn structure of compilers.
  2. To learn basic techniques used in compiler construction such as lexical analysis, top-down and bottom-up parsing, context-sensitive analysis, and intermediate code generation.
  3. To learn basic data structures used in compiler construction such as abstract syntax trees, symbol tables, three-address code, and stack machines.
  4. To learn software tools used in compiler construction such as lexical analyzer generators (Lex), and parser generators (Yacc).
  5. To construct a compiler for a small language using the above techniques and tools.


Programming Languages, Data Structures, and Assembly Language and System Programming

Week-by-week Schedule

Week Lecture Note Assignment
1 Course Introduction & Overview pdf pdf
2 Lexical Analysis I pdf pdf
3 Lexical Analysis II pdf
4 Lex - The Lexical-Analyzer Generator pdf pdf
5 Syntax Analysis: Context-Free Grammar pdf
6 Syntax Analysis: Top-Down and Buttom-Up Parsing pdf
7 Syntax Analysis: Top-Down and Buttom-Up Parsing
8 Syntax Analysis: More LR Parsing / Yacc - The Parser Generator pdf pdf pdf
9 Midterm Exam
10 Syntax-Directed Translation pdf
11 Syntax-Directed Translation / Intermediate-Code Generation pdf pdf
12 Intermediate-Code Generation
13 Run-Time Environment pdf pdf
14 Run-Time Environment
15 Code Generation pdf
16 Control-Flow Analysis and Optimizations pdf pdf pdf
17 Data-Flow Analysis and Optimizations pdf
18 Final Exam


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