Research Interests

w  Advanced clustering algorithms

w  Image and video processing with applications; multimedia information systems

w  Computational intelligence with applications

Current Projects

w  Fuzzy and possibilistic shell clustering algorithms for shape detection in images

w  Cluster ensembles: improvements and applications

Code sample for the CA-tree (a method that makes co-association based cluster ensembles scalable and efficient): download

w  Fuzzy-logic based modeling of human player styles in car-racing games

w  Automatic detection and analysis of coronary arteries from MDCT images

Past Projects

w  Shell clustering with constraints

w  Automatic human skin color enhancement in photos

w  Visualization and object-tracking techniques for large-scale time-varying volumetric data

w  Signal and image processing (acoustic, radar, IR) for landmine and tripwire detection

w  Algorithms for automated video-based screening to detect factors that cause amblyopia in young children

w  Integrating computer games with biofeedback for children with chronic pain

w  Image synthesis of highly refractive and dispersive objects

w  Time-domain frequency-selective optical memory and related techniques

w  Coherent transient signals in optically thick media - experiments and simulation