Welcome to the ENIAC Museum Online
Celebrating 60 Years of Computing 1946-2006

Happy Birthday, ENIAC! This year marks 60 years since ENIAC launched the world into the Computing Age. Today, it is difficult to imagine how we could manage without the myriad electronic devices that we utilize each day. From our cell phones, PDAs, and cameras to our automobiles, airplanes, medical equipment and devices, electronics is the engine driving us forward. And it was here at the University of Pennsylvania that it all began.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science is proud to have four of the original 40 panels of the ENIAC. The artifacts on display represent approximately 1/10th of its original size. It was announced on February 14th, 1946.

To celebrate ENIACs birthday, we have provided an opportunity for you to use the ENIAC simulator online by visiting, or here to read the abstract on the workings of the ENIAC simulator.

You can also read a recently released Interview with Presper Eckert from Computer World.

Three Preceding Technologies
There were three existing technologies that led to the development of ENIAC.

Mauchly and Eckert
Learn about the inventors of the ENIAC.

The ENIAC in Action
Find out about the different parts of the ENIAC and more.

Speed and Money
That means the ENIAC was faster by a factor of 1,440. The cost to run a computer has dropped even faster.

Dawn of a New Age of Information
The success of Mauchly and Eckert inspired others to build improved computers. Every year, computers became smaller and less expensive.

We Love Computers
Explore the many ways computers help us become more productive, meet new friends, and have fun!