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Tien-Fu Chen

Departments of Computer Science and Engineering

National Chiao Tung University


Research Interests: Computer Architecture, Multicore System Design, SoC Design, Embedded Systems

Teaching Interests: Computer Architectures, Embedded Systems, Multicore Programming, SoC Design Methodology


Ph.D.: University of Washington, Seattle, 1990~1993.
           Department of Computer Science and Engineering
           Advisor: Prof. Jean-Loup Baer
M.S.: University of Washington, Seattle, 1988~1990.
           Department of Computer Science and Engineering
B.S.: National Taiwan University, 1979~1983.
           Department of Computer Science


Visiting Professor, Microprocessor Research Lab, Intel, USA  Summer 2003



碩班新生:歡迎對 Edge AI (AI+IoT=Edge Intelligence) 系統架構具熱誠新生加入!!



Biography: Tien-Fu Chen received the B.S. degree in Computer Science from National Taiwan University in 1983. After completed his military services, he joined Wang Computer Ltd., Taiwan as a software engineer for three years. He was in charge of designing Wang operating system kernel. From 1988 to 1993 he attended the University of Washington, receiving the M.S. degree and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science and Engineering in 1991 and 1993 respectively. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at the National Chung Cheng University, Chiayi, Taiwan.  His current research interests are System Architectures, System-on-Chip Design, and Embedded Software Systems.

In past years, he had published several widely-cited papers on dynamic hardware prefetching architectures and designs. In recent years, he has made contributions to processor design and SOC design methodology. He was actively involved in the design of 8-bit CISC/RISC microcontrollers and also the CCU32 Project, which builds a 32-bit RISC processor core, low-power architecture techniques as well as related support tools and verification environment. The 32-bit processor IP implementation has been used in industrial products. In recent years, he is focusing on building multithreading multicore processors and their SOC platform. His current research is actively in developing a brand-new VLIW high-end processor, called UniCore® (unified RISC/DSP processors). The new design is expected to be the first innovative embedded processor in Taiwan academia.

To make solid background in SOC, he thoroughly studied and rework the embedded Linux and real-time kernel as a target for Linux on chip. He proposed an event-driven threading system architecture, which may solve the scalability problems in embedded networking servers. The work flourished an embedded proxy system server, which has been transferred to an industry company. The throughout experience from embedded systems to VLSI processor design makes him more solid in the research of software/hardware codesign and related system issues for SOC design. His core knowledge and experience in system implementations have earned him the distinction of being able to closely collaborate with hardware and software colleagues as well as to glue several teamwork projects.

Past Activities and Media Report

Date Event topic 媒體報導
2020-02-20 RISC-V讓晶片新創能與世界主流競爭 iThome 採訪
2019-12-12 邊緣運算未來商機大爆發 理財周刊1007期
2019-11-26 產學研任務組隊 共創AI新格局 
2019-10-31 邁向產業AI化:AIoT與資料分析 我們主辦之 2019交大產學交流活動
2019-10-20 AIoT浪潮席捲全球 Edge AI晶片設計思維大不同 DIGITIMES 演講活動
2019-07-12 AI系統優化落地實現及其AIoT在智慧製造之應用案例 CIO價值學院
企業資料經濟學 Data Economics
2018-07-09 AI 晶片設計研討會(AI Computing Workshop):
Systematic Realization of Edge Intelligence for Industrial Applications (Youtube錄影)
by AI創新研究中心推動辦公室
2018-04-24 AI雲端平台與應用服務發展 中華電信論壇演講