Programming Languages, Autumn 2006


Prof. Ting-Lu Huang (黃廷祿) <> Office: EC519

Teaching Assistant

Li-Wen Hsu (許立文) <> Laboratory: EC329

Time & Place

Mon, 10:10~12:00, Wed. 09:00~10:00, ED202

Text book

Programming Languages: design and implementation, 4th ed., Pratt and Zelkowitz, Prentice-Hall 2001


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PZreadme.ppt A brief description of this slide set
PZ01A.ppt Introduction (Section 1-1.3.2)
PZ01BX.ppt Standardization, Internationalization (Section 1.3.3-1.3.4)
PZ01C.ppt Machine architecture (Chapter 2)
PZ01DX.ppt Review of C++ (Section 1.5, Section 6.5, Appendix A.2, Appendix A.3)
PZ02A.ppt Language translation (Section 3.1-3.3.1)
PZ02B.ppt Regular grammars (Section 3.3.2)
PZ02CX.ppt Perl (Section 3.3.3, Appendix A.9)
PZ03A.ppt Pushdown automata (Section 3.3.4, 4.1)
PZ03BX.ppt Recursive descent parsing (Section 3.4)
PZ03CX.ppt Language semantics (Section 4.2.1-4.2.3)
PZ03D.ppt Program verification (Section 4.2.4)
PZ03EX.ppt ML (Section 4.2.7, Appendix A.7)
PZ04A.ppt Scalar data (Section 5.1-5.3)
PZ04B.ppt Arrays and records (Section 6.1)
PZ05A.ppt Abstract data types (Section 6.2-6.3)
PZ05B.ppt Type equivalence (Section 6.4)
PZ06A.ppt Inheritance (Section 7.1-7.2)
PZ06BX.ppt Introduction to Smalltalk (Section 7.2.4, Appendix A.12)
PZ06C.ppt Polymorphism (Section 7.3)
PZ07A.ppt Expressions (Section 8.1-8.2)
PZ07B.ppt Basic statements (Section 8.3.1-8.3.2)
PZ08A.ppt Prime programs (Section 8.3.3)
PZ08B.ppt Logic programming and Prolog (Section 8.4, Appendix A.11)
PZ09A.ppt Activation records (Section 9.1-9.2)
PZ09B.ppt Parameter transmission (Section 9.3)
PZ10A.ppt Heap storage (Section 10.1-10.3, 10.4.2)
PZ10B.ppt Garbage collection (Section 10.4.3)
PZ10CX.ppt LISP overview (Section 10.4.1, Appendix A.6)
PZ11A.ppt Exception handling (Section 11.1)
PZ11B.ppt Parallel programming (Section 11.2.1)
PZ12A.ppt Guarded commands (Section 11.2.2)
PZ12B.ppt Synchronization and semaphores (Section 11.2.4-11.2.5)
PZ12CX.ppt Introduction to Java (Section 2.2.4, Appendix A.5)
PZ13A.ppt Processor design (Section 11.3)
PZ13B.ppt Client-server computing (Section 11.4)
PZ14A.ppt Text processing (Section 12.1)
PZ14B.ppt Web pages (Section 12.2.1)
PZ15A.ppt The Internet (Section 12.2.2-12.2.4)


  • No late submission is accepted, except having agreement from lecturer or TA.
  • If you have problem to hand in the homework on time, tell TA before the due day.





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