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Wireless Communication Systems

This class will teach hands-on experience with wireless communication systems. We will focus on how signals are transmitted and received, the impact of the wireless channels, and how to deal with noise and radio imperfections. We will also teach the basics of OFDM, interference cancellation, MIMO systems, interference alignment, wireless localization, low power networks, full duplex radios, 4G LTE, visible light communication, etc. There will be labs and a project to teach you how to design and build a wireless system, how to test your system on software radios (e.g., USRP or WARP) and how to do cross layer wireless research.



Instructor:   林靖茹 Kate C.-J. Lin   katelin [at] cs.nctu.edu.tw   EC-538   Office Hour: By appointment  
TA: 張威竣   wcchang1115 [at] cs.nctu.edu.tw   EC-522  Office Hour: By appointment  
魏佑霖 Wally Wei   weiwally [at] gmail.com     Office Hour: By appointment  

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