John Kar-kin Zao ( 邵家健 )

PhD Harvard 1995, SMIEEE 2001


Tel.:   +886-3-5712121#54731 (Taiwan)

+1-617-491-8692          (USA)

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Greetings! Dear colleagues and students:

I will join CSIE as an Associate Professor in February 2004.  In the past eight years, I served as a Senior and then a Principal Member of Technical Staff at the Information Security Department of BBN Technologies, the research company that developed the first packet-switching network, ARPANet.

Internet security was my specialty. Security protocol design, security policy management and mobile network security were my research interests.  During my tenure at BBN, I was fortunate to be a direct subordinate and collaborator of Dr. Stephen Kent, the pioneer of public-key technology and the author of IPsec protocols.  As a principal investigator, I conducted several DARPA funded research projects including Security Architecture for Global Mobile IP Support (MoIPS), Policy Based Security Management (PBSM), Policy Management for Defense Information Assurance Networks (Pledge) and Formal Information Assurance System Modeling (AVDA). Among the technologies my colleagues and I developed, the Security Policy Specification Language (SPSL) and the Security Policy Protocol (SPP) of PBSM were accepted as proposed standards by IETF IP Security Policy (IPSP) Working Group. I also served as a security consultant to commercial and military vendors on Cable Television, Electronic Commerce and Tactical Internet. Currently, I  am working with Northwestern University and Telcordia to develop a high-speed quantum encryption scheme for the optical Internet core.

I was born in Hong Kong, and migrated to Canada at the age of sixteen.  I received my B.A.Sc. degree in Engineering Science and M.A.Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto, and later S.M. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from Harvard University.  In 2001, I was elected a Senior Member of IEEE.  Before going to the United States, I worked in Canada for six years as a hardware engineer, and was a founding partner of SecureKey Systems Inc. which built data encryption modems for EDI transactions. 


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