Quantifying User Satisfaction in Mobile Cloud Games


We conduct real experiments to quantify user satisfaction in mobile cloud games using a real cloud gaming system built on the open-sourced GamingAnywhere. We share our experiences in porting GamingAnywhere client to Android OS and perform extensive experiments on both the mobile and desktop clients. The experiment results reveal several new insights: (1) gamers are more satisfied with the graphics quality on mobile devices, while they are more satisfied with the control quality on desktops, (2) the bitrate, frame rate, and network delay significantly affect the graphics and smoothness quality, and (3) the control quality only depends on the client type (mobile versus desktop). To the best of our knowledge, such user studies have never been done in the literature.


Chung-Ying Huang, Cheng-Hsin Hsu, De-Yu Chen, and Kuan-Ta Chen, "Quantifying User Satisfaction in Mobile Cloud Games," In , 2014.


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